Lehrveranstaltungen Filmwissenschaft / Mediendramaturgie

MA S. Erzähltheorie und Dramaturgie: The Many Cinemas of India


Kurzname: VL ErzählTh&Dramatu
Kursnummer: 05.054.19_550


This seminar is an introduction to the diverse practices of narrative filmmaking in Indian cinema. As we journey across the length and breadth of India through cinema, we will encounter multiple languages, genres and storytelling techniques that make up the rich tradition of Indian filmmaking. By focusing on the practice of specific filmmakers, the seminar will also reflect on the medium by investigating complex layers of form and content. Through a rigorous process of viewing and critical analysis, intricate connections with Indian sociopolitical realities, both historical and contemporary, will be forged. From romance to magic realism, and comedy to melodrama, we will be immersed in a cinema that is simultaneously poetic and political.


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Semester: WiSe 2020/21