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MA Ü. Zugänge zur Mediengeschichtsschreibung: Black Light: Towards an international cinema counter-canon


Kurzname: Ü Mediengesch
Kursnummer: 05.054.19_565


The point of departure for this seminar is the retrospective Black Light, curated by Greg de Cuir Jr, first presented at Locarno FIlm Festival in 2019. The retrospective proposed a survey of international black cinema that was open and inclusive of cross-cultural influences and interaction. Likewise, in this seminar we will trace a history of international black cinema, primarily across the 20th century but with certain incursions into the 21st. In the process we will challenge accepted mythologies of the general construction of dominant histories of cinema, from an exaltation of the role of the director at the expense of other creative contributors, to the prioritising of feature-length narrative cinema, and of course the tendency to center Western and patriarchal points of view. We will at times adhere to and at times depart from the lineup of films originally presented in the retrospective, ultimately using that lineup as a helpful start but not as a final destination. (See list in the link below) Weekly screenings will be complemented by readings that destabilise and subvert similar received wisdom and dogmas in the study and theorisation of cinema. The goal of this seminar is less to arrive at a definitive counter-canon than to vigorously counter the canon, because a concern with method and critical thinking is of far more importance not just in struggling for an improved cinema culture but also for an improved world. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4V1nYdQWAI2QlJCQW54clc5dWZleEJZRVhZMDNmZ09SQVBr/view?usp=sharing

Zusätzliche Informationen

Greg de Cuir Jr is an independent curator, writer and translator. He has lectured and given talks at Stanford University, University of Chicago, École de recherche graphique in Bruxelles, Universität Wien, and many other institutions. He received his DPhil from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts at the University of Arts in Belgrade and his MA from the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.


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Semester: WiSe 2020/21