Lunch Lecture: Imagining Non-Speciesism – Designing for and with Other Animals

Gastvortrag von Michelle Westerlaken (Universität Malmö) im Rahmen der Lunch Lectures-Reihe und des MA-Seminars "Mediale Dramaturgien II: Filming Animals"

Di, 15.1.2019, 12:00–14:00 Uhr, Medienhaus Wallstraße 11, Seminarraum 1 (EG)

Speciesism, meaning oppression and exploitation on the grounds of belonging to a certain species, is something that is engrained in almost all aspects of society today. Especially with regards to the way we treat and consume other animals. This all-encompassing norm makes it very difficult to imagine what a non-speciesist society could be like. How will we engage with other animals in such a society? What kind of animal encounters can still take place? And how to design for a less anthropocentric - multispecies - society?

In this talk, Michelle Westerlaken, a PhD candidate in interaction/game design at Malmö University (Sweden), will focus on engaging with these challenges with a focus on the design of artifacts that invite sensitivity and curiosity towards other animals and our ways of living together. Drawing from existing examples as well as her own work in designing for - and together with - other animals including cats, dogs, penguins, and a colony of black ants.

Through a programmatic design research approach she argues for complementing a focus on critiquing current practices with new ways of knowing that are not finite, but generative: ideas that – rather than solutions – inspire more ideas about multispecies futures.

Marek Jancovic, M.A.