Erfahrungsberichte Łódź

An introduction to studying in Lodz by Karolina Burnagiel, a former ERASMUS student in Mainz

We have very interesting classes. In every semester we have obligatory classes and extra courses, which we can choose, usually two or three it depends on how much ECTS points we get for them. Film Studies on University of Lodz is a specialty of Cultural Studies. That’s why it’s better to come for a second semester (if you are on first year of master). Our professors speak in English and a few of them also in German. Students don’t have to buy any books, usually most of them are in library or we just find them in Internet.

The best and cheapest place to live is dorm. Our dorms are across the street where is faculty of Film Studies. So when you go for classes, it takes only about 5 minutes. Unfortunately, we don’t have so good dorms like Johannes Gutenberg-University. It depends on dorm, but most of rooms are shared for 2 people with a bathroom. Kitchen is common for everyone who lives on the floor, so it’s on corridor. However it’s a good place to meet your neighbors and make new friends. Rent costs between 320- 600 zl. You don’t have to pay for washing machine but every dorm has list and on every Monday you have to sign up if you want make laundry. Every dorm has also gym and television room. Settlement where dorms are is called Lumumby. There are two pubs, two clinics, swimming pool, and a few shops. Also main Mensa, it’s not so big like Zentralmensa on campus in Mainz, but there is a very good home-made food. Whole meal (soup, main dish, salad, and drink) costs only 9 zl. Philology faculty also has own mensa.

Why you should come to Lodz for your Erasmus?

University of Lodz has own ESN organization, which organizes a lot of parties and trips. We have also Tom-Buddy program, but it’s called Erasmus Mentor. So it’s a good idea to sign up to this program, you will get your own mentor who will help you in every way he or she can. Hence you will have a friend already when you will arrive to Lodz.

Probably the most important advantage studying in Lodz, is that it is a cheap city. Especially for Germans, because in Poland we have different currency (1€=4,28 zl). Lodz is interesting city, maybe not a very pretty, but it’s charming and good for students. In past Lodz was a city of factories. So a lot of buildings, which were factories, were converted to clubs, malls or museums. Lodz it’s a much bigger city than Mainz. The most popular street in Lodz is Piotrkowska which is full of clubs, pubs, coffee shops, art galleries and restaurants. It’s a heart of Lodz. There is also an alley of polish movie stars. It’s a polish version of Hollywood Boulevard. Well, Lodz is polish Hollywood, there is located popular Film School (The Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School), where were studied such directors: Andrzej Wajda, Kazimierz Kutz, Andrzej Munk, Janusz Morgenstern and Roman Polański. It’s a very cultural city, there are a lot of theatre, film, and photography festivals.

Lodz is located in central of Poland. So it’s only 2 hours by train to our capital, Warsaw. On north of Poland are sea and lakes, and on south are mountains, so you have everything in one country, where is quite cheap and easy to travel.

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